Friday, 20th November


ENRIQUITO presents his latest album: “Fuentes y Manantiales” (Fountains and Springs)
8:30pm – Fernán GĂłmez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau
Price: €16 / Concessions: €14 / Friends of the FG: €13

He is not just another trumpet player adding his or her weight to our jazz scene. In fact, Enrique RodrĂ­guez “Enriquito” had already announced his talent during the live performances of Jorge Pardo’s album “Vientos Flamencos” (Flamenco Winds), and his work with Canteca de Macao, Chambao and Juanito MakandĂ© did not go unnoticed either.

The musician is now handling the success of his proposal with courage and a lot of fortune. And he is doing so, moreover, with projects as interesting as the three albums he has published so far: “Me Quito el Sombrero” (I Take my Hat Off), in 2012; “Alcudia”, in 2014, and “Contrareloj” (Against the Clock), in 2016. And we should also note that he is the well-nigh resident musician at the CafĂ© BerlĂ­n, where he usually plays in the Wednesday night flamenco jam sessions.

Emotion is to the fore each time this musician plays. Born in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, he successfully finished his trumpet studies at the Institution of Higher Education in Cordoba, and he won the first prize at the Young Artists Competition, organised by the Castilla-La Mancha Youth Institute of in 2009. Although Enriquito’s performances are dominated by flamenco in their form, the freedom of jazz is by no means merely episodic in them, it is real. All of this is supported by the sterling efforts of a group of supporting musicians who perfectly understand his ideas.

Enrique Rodríguez “Enriquito” – Trumpet and flugelhorn
Juan Carlos Aracil – Flute
Paco Soto – Guitar
Josemi Garzón – Double bass
David Bao – Percussion

Open this map: Address: Plaza de ColĂłn, 4, 28001 Madrid