Javier Colina
Javier Colina © Igor Cortadellas
Tuesday, November 17th


20:30 – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau
€16 – Reduced: €14

Javier Colina is, without a doubt, our country’s biggest star in his instrument, the double bass. A stimulating musician whom we first started following years ago, witnessing his first faltering steps – hardly any worth talking about – and also the first of his many successes. Javier’s first instrument was the accordion, but he soon fell in love with the double bass. And his love for that instrument extended to all those musical forms that the artist has always known how to turn around in the best possible way.

Jazz, and also flamenco, Afro-Cuban and Colombian passion… All this will be present on a stage that will welcome lots of friends who, like him, have been isolated for a long time, and whose music -hence the name of the band- also suffered the lockdown from the month of March onwards. Musicians threatened by not being able to pursue their work and for whom even today their professional continuity is shrouded in a terrible mystery.

In these context, all these artists, well known on the Madrid scene, are joining together in this concert to unleash all the music that was locked down a few months ago, in the hope that they will be able to recover that part of the jazz territory that is rightfully theirs and that seems temporarily lost right now. This band is, then, a living future in an everyday space, a gamble with no way back. It will be a really important, high-profile show. The most just and appropriate vindication of jazz music in these pandemic times.

Javier Colina – Double bass
Albert Sanz- Piano
Perico Sambeat – Sax
Miron Rafajlovic – Trumpet
Santiago Cañada – Trombone
Daniel García – Drums
Moisés Porro – Percussion

Open this map: Address: Plaza de Colón, 4, 28001 Madrid