© David Ruano
Thursday 12th November

8:30pm – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau

Price: €16 / Concessions: €14 / Friends of the FG: €13

“Lorca, Spanish songs” is the new musical proposal from this singer and actress from Córdoba, who continues to grow with each project she undertakes. After her album “La Enamorada” (The Girl in Love), with which she visited this festival in 2018, last year Mariola Membrives released an album in which she revisited those popular songs that poet Federico García Lorca once performed on the piano, accompanied by the voice of Encarnación López Júlvez, “La Argentinita”. A handful of songs that blended flamenco, folklore and, of course, poetry.

While she was recording the album, Mariola had an ally from the world of avant-garde jazz, none other than the globally renowned US guitarist Marc Ribot. Her instrumental elaborations will now be reconstructed on stage by a group of powerful and high-flying jazz musicians. And it is precisely this reinterpretation that delivers these songs in a completely new and raw way, through the artistic vision of Mariola Membrives, a voice that speaks like no other.

In any case, Mariola is an artist who is allergic to inactivity and resting, so she is about to publish “La Babilonia” (The Babylonian Girl). Original texts, Sumerian mythology transplanted to the 21st century: perhaps she’ll let us hear some songs from her new album in this concert.

Mariola Membrives – Voice
Javier Pedreira – Guitar and effects
Osvi Grecco – Guitar and effects
Vicent Pérez – Trombone and effects
Guests musicians: Daniel García Diego – Piano / Marcelo Fuentes – Bass / Dani Domínguez – Drums

Open this map: Address: Plaza de Colón, 4, 28001 Madrid