Miryam Latrece Quartet
Tuesday 10th November


in collaboration with AIE En Ruta Jazz

7pm – CentroCentro. Caja de Música Auditorium
Price: €5

The time has come to have the Association of Interpreters and Performers alongside us. This surprise is made possible by the AIE en Ruta Jazz programme: two concerts featuring the quartet led by the singer Myriam Latrece and the quintet led by the alto-saxophonist Roberto Nieva. The former, who developed a passion for music and dance when she was just a child, began her career as a singer at the age of 17 in Akatupower, a band with which she recorded a couple of albums and performed at various festivals.

In 2013, however, Myriam felt an overwhelming desire to pursue a solo career and released the album “Una Necesidad” (A Necessity). Since then, she hasn’t stopped growing and has become a regular on our city’s club circuit, as well as making regular appearances in festivals such as Formentera Jazz or the International Canary Islands Jazz Festival. She has just released her second album, “Quiero cantarte” (I Want to Sing For You), which she is presenting at JAZZMADRID.

Roberto Nieva is currently fighting hard to make his way in the world with his debut work, “Process”. The tunes on this album feature the saxophonist from Ávila lighting up every last corner of the music he has written with his magic touch. It is all reminiscent of the New York M-base collective, but made right here. And his greatness lies in having known how to share this glorious music with the four colleagues who make up his jazz quintet. An outstanding musician with a great future.

Miryam Latrece – Voice
Marco Mezquida – Piano
Pablo Martín Caminero – Double bass
Michael Olivera – Drums

Open this map: Address: Plaza Cibeles, 1A, 28014 Madrid