The Machetazo
Saturday 14th November

7pm – CentroCentro. Caja de Música Auditorium

Price: €12 / Concessions: €10

This band’s music unfolds in that crossroads where the dominant language of jazz meets the language of rock. Once this detail has been understood, one can see that the arrangements of each of the songs offered on the album “1920 Prospect Place” easily immerse themselves in the turbulence produced by that confluence.

The Machetazo project was born in New York, in an apartment shared by the five members of the band while they were extending their studies with a master’s degree. An extraordinary complicity and understanding rose between them, and with it they began to sculpt this music and to define their sound.

They will use this concert to present their album “1290 Prospect Place”. In it, the voice of guitarist Nacho Fernández is powerful and decisive while the voice of Dani Juárez on the tenor sax is more subtle and suggestive. And beside them, the rhythm of Darío Guibert on the double bass and Mikel Urretgoiena on the drums lifts the spirits of the celebration so that the piano of Jorge Castañeda can finally run through the melodies in sonorous replica.

The evolution of the currents there are in jazz is merely a leap of faith, but with ideas supported by a preceding tradition. When this doesn’t happen, then it’s just letting off steam, a banal prank if you prefer. Machetazo are astoundingly sincere, and the result of their work comes wrapped in perfectly recognisable references. They remain permanently alert in the face of change.

Jorge Castañeda – Piano
Nacho de Frutos – Guitarra
Daniel Juárez – Saxo tenor
Dario Guibert – Contrabajo
Mikel Urretagoiena – Batería

Open this map: Address: Plaza Cibeles, 1A, 28014 Madrid