Tinodi Geraldo © Hectorde Paz
© Hectorde Paz
Saturday, November 14th


20:30 – Fernán Gómez. Centro Cultural de la Villa
Sala Guirau
€16 – Reduced: €14


To be oneself, while wanting to be something for everyone. This has been the fundamental challenge facing jazz for the past fifty years; the alliance between indigenous musical identity and the language of freedom encapsulated in sound, which first emerged in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century. At the heart of this outline is the music of Tino Di Geraldo, an artist so peculiar that he has on occasions remained in spaces frequented only by himself. Such is the fate of rebels.

At the beginning of his career he ventured into the world of punk with bands such as Tapones Visente. He then allowed himself to be seduced by the chemistry of such singer-songwriters as Pablo Guerrero and Luis Eduardo Aute, only to end up in the arms of flamenco artists such as Manolo Sanlúcar, Camarón, Vicente Amigo and Pepe Habichuela. And, as his work has always had a very salutary and genuine pop dimension, he also played in the groups of Luz Casal, Juan Perro and Cómplices.

This festival has welcomed and enjoyed Tino Di Geraldo on two occasions; once when he was part of a trio that included Carles Benavent and Jorge Pardo and, many years ago, with Suso Sáiz, reconstructing the music of Miles Davis. What he is now presenting is a compendium of everything he has experienced in a career that has spanned several decades. The show is called “Bailemos” (Let’s Dance), but it could also borrow the title of that memoir of the Chilean poet, “Confieso que he vivido” (I Confess that I Have Lived), because that detail is precisely what has characterised the career of this creator, who always wanted to make colourful music, with whatever ingredients he fancied, opening up a new space. It will be a party full of friends.

Tino di Geraldo – Conductor and drums
Javier Gutierrez Massó “Caramelo” – Piano
Yelsy Heredia – Bass, double bass
Amable Martínez – Saxs
Juan Carlos Aracil – Flute
Manuel Machado – Trumpet
Joulien Ferrer – Trombone

Guest artists: Carles Benavent – Bass / Jorge Pardo – Saxs and Flute/ Tomasito – voice and dance

Open this map: Address: Plaza de Colón, 4, 28001 Madrid