Centro Cultural Conde Duque. Salón de Actos
Free admission until full capacity, prior collection of invitation at the box office one hour before the start of the screening..

RADIO DAYSDir.: Woody Allen (1987)

November 9th – 17.00 h

BULLETS OVER BROADWAYDir.: Woody Allen (1994)

November 10th – 17.00 h

WILD MAN BLUESDir.: Barbara Kopple (1998)

November 16th – 17.00 h

SWEET AND LOWDOWNDir.: Woody Allen (1999)

November 17th – 17.00 h

MIDNIGHT IN PARISDir.: Woody Allen (2011)

November 23th – 17.00 h

BLUE JASMINEDir.: Woody Allen (2013)

November 24th – 17.00 h


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Woody Allen in terms of jazz

Woody Allen is not a jazz musician. He himself often admits that he uses the clarinet for therapeutic purposes, and, on the other hand, his dedication to the instrument is no more than that of an advanced user. But a completely different matter is the fact that the important role that jazz has played in his soundtracks and storylines have made him an ambassador of this musical genre, more so than any other filmmaker, with the possible exception of Clint Eastwood, who also plays and writes for the piano.

Thirty years have gone by since this artist showed in his film “Manhattan” the ten reasons why staying alive is a good idea. Thus, among Groucho Marx, Flaubert, Cézanne and a few other certainties, Woody Allen cited his approval of Louis Armstrong’s fascinating recording of “Potato Head Blues”. Jazz music was already one of the artist’s priorities back in 1978, and on several occasions and in several venues in Spain, on the verge of turning 73, he has come to prove it with his band.

Some of these concerts can be seen in “Wild Man Blues”, the documentary film directed by Barbara Kopple in 1998. This movie is part of the cycle of movies that JAZZMADRID has included in its programme, rounded off by five Woody Allen films, all designed to show off the most jazzy side of one of the most relevant cultural figures of our time.



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